Welcome at Hormonsygeplejersken!
I offer telephone consultations

The person behind Hormonsygeplejersken is me, Helle L√¶ss√łe.

I am a trained nurse, coach, teacher and leader.

Other than that, I am an expert in hormones and in the use of bioidentical hormones.


I have been working with health for 30 years, by virtue of being a nurse.

I am a “professional” in areas that have to do with health.


I have wholeheartedly worked in my own clinic with health and coaching since 2016.

Over 1500 women and men have benefited from this.


I use hormone tests with clients where it makes sense

– the test shows a status of your body’s hormone balance.


I provide adequate analyzes of the connections between your imbalances and your symptoms.

So you become aware of what is at stake in your body, but also what you can do!


You will get a concrete guidance on how to restore your hormone balance

and how to use bioidentical hormones.

A form of therapy that has been used abroad for many years.


I will teach you how to safely navigate the use of bioidentical hormones.


My job as a specialnurse is to teach you how to navigate, because it is not enough just to get a test result.

You need to be confident in what you need to do to restore your (hormone) balance.


Choosing me, an authorized healthcare professional means you can be safe.

  Rest assured knowing that I know how your body works and can view your situation and issues from many angles. 

Not just the hormonal angle!


Welcome at Hormonsygeplejersken.



Are you interested in a clarifying conversation?

Do you want to be sure if a course with me is the right thing for you?

Book a clarifying telephone coversation.

A telephone consultation takes approx. 30 minutes for new clients.
If a course is booked in connection with the telephone consultation, the DKK 750 will be deducted from the 
price of the course (You will receive a discount code at the call if you wish to proceed)


The consultation will usually take place within 1-2 working days after your purchase and it will be held around 9 am on weekdays


For you with few symptoms
on hormonal imbalance.
Hormone tests, consultations,
plans and questions by mail

Kr. 15.995
  • Review of you hormonally
  • Hormone test of your
    5 sex hormones as well as stress hormone
  • Review and analysis of your hormone test
  • You are free to send
    e-mails with clarifying questions for all 3 months
  • Summary on e-mail after each consultation with
    the main points and to-do's
  • Start-up plan and direction after the first consultation
  • Revised plans after each consultation
  • You will have the first consultation within a week or 2.
  • Consultations by telephone
Telefon eller
online konsultation

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